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Why “This is Us” is this fall’s must watch show

this is us new show

“This is Us” is the new show everyone’s raving about, and they’re damn right!

You know a show is good when a full season is ordered right after the first episode is aired (on Tuesday nights on NBC). That’s what happened with This is Us, which stands as the No. 1 new show of the fall (so far) with a 4.5 rating among adults under 50 and 14.3 million viewers.

This is Us is a family drama that will play with your emotions like nothing you’ve seen in a long time. The series interweaves four stories together, following five strangers who share the same birthday. It has a superb cast,  the right tone and pace and a last minute twist that  you’d only expect in thrillers or “political” series.

But with only two episodes aired so far, will the novelty wear off ? With Sam Trammel (from True Blood) joining the cast, I’m placing my bet that this show will go on to be an captivating drama as it unfolds. What do you think?

Catch up on the first two episodes here, download them with our VSO Downloader to watch them in your own time on any device!





What to watch after Orange is the new Black?

This is it, you’ve binged-watched  Orange Is The New Black, and the thought of waiting another 10 months for Season 5 is unbearable? Well, good news, there are some other great (even better!!!) female prison drama for you to indulge on.

Wentworth tv show


Coming straight from Australia, Wentworth will be your next favorite show, and not just because of the aussie accent.

Bea is incarcerated for the attempted murder of her violent husband. Her daily fight for survival and her adjusting to the rigours of prison will have you sitting at the edge of your sofa.

It’s violent, sexy, dark, gritty and very realistic…. with incredible, gripping story lines, some say it surpasses OITNB in many ways, despite some similarities … and I can’t agree more!

Catch up on the 4 seasons here:

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locked up

Locked Up

An immediate hit with audiences in its native Spain,  this women prison drama is a real thriller, far from the “comedy drama” OITNB.

Macarena is framed by her lover for corporate fraud and ends up in jail. She insists she is there by mistake, but within 48 hours of her arriving, her bunkmate is found murdered… and trouble begins.

The series gives a real insight into the bleak reality of incarceration with its fair share of violence and brutality. You will get addicted by its complex and fast paced action, with a touch of dark humor.

Yet unaired in the US, here is your chance to stream it now:

Dead Boss

This British comedy is about a woman being stuck in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. While she thinks she’ll be out very soon, those around her want to keep her inside at all costs…

Funny and entertaining, (and full of cameos by famous british actors), Dead Boss lacks a proper ending, but will still bring a smile on your face.

Download the 8 episodes here:



How HBO saved the summer

With the end of Game of Thrones, and not one good show in sight to go through the summer, things were looking pretty grim for us TV series lovers.

But HBO came to the rescue with two great new series to make us look forward to Sunday nights again!

The Night Of (HBO, Sunday, 9pm)

the night of

Meet your new obsession:  a tense, dark, gripping masterpiece!

The Night Of is not a simple whodunnit, but a slow, tragic tale with mesmerizing actors (John Turtutto is simply perfect) and an attention to details that will  put you at the edge of your seat.

Vice Principals (HBO, Sunday 10:30pm)

vice principals

Two vice principals, one vacant principal position…No holds are barred!

A word of warning: you will not enjoy this show if you’re not a fan of  Danny McBride. But if you are, then get ready for a dark, funny,  politically incorrect, brilliant  comedy… and some fine creative cursing!

If you do not have HBO, you can still watch both series in streaming and download them legally on your PC in seconds with our free VSO Downloader

Watch The Night Of

Watch Vice Principals


New Fall TV shows: our selection


Drumrolls! The new TV lineup for next Fall has been revealed!

With about 20 new shows coming to our screens, you’d think we’d be spoilt for exciting new storylines… but sadly, disappointment prevails…

Indeed, as  remakes will be  the stars of the upcoming season, your TV will be invaded by a sense of déjà-vu: whether it’s movies turned into series, like The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show… or even a new Macgyver! (No, I did not make up that list…)

Also, buckle up as you’ll be time traveling extensively this September. With no less than three series involving time machines (Frequency, Time after Time and Timeless), you’d better not have motion sickness!

However, there are some good surprises we’re looking forward to watch, see our selection:

Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesdays): Kiefer Sutherland unexpectedly becomes President of  the USA after a terrorist attack killed the most important US government representatives. He’ll have to face politic struggles and prevent America to fall into chaos… I don’ t know about you, but they had me at “Kiefer Sutherland”!

The Good Place (NBC, Thursdays): This comedy features Kristen Bell as a woman who dies and ends up in heaven by mistake. If the show is anything like the trailer,  we’ll be watching it  for sure! And bonus:  Ted Danson is in it too!!


Pure genius (CBS, Thursday): A young tech billionaire enlists a surgeon with a rowdy past to start a revolutionary hospital. If you like medicine show and new technology, this one’s for you!


Bull (CBS, Tuesdays): Micheal Weatherly has moved from NCIS to this new series where he portrays a talented but singular consultant. Bull analyzes trial juries  to help developing defense strategies for his clients. We’re sold!


So what do you think? Are you eagerly waiting for September?


Get ready for a new addiction: Kdramas!

Kdrama addiction

Never heard of Korean dramas?

Take some charismatic actors, thrilling storylines and edge of your seat cliffhangers: you get the perfect mix for addictive TV shows !

No one will be spared ! Even the most famous Youtuber in the world has shared his obesssion on Twitter!


It’s now time to get you hooked! Here is our list of the 5 best Kdramas of all time!

  1. Boys over Flowers

This Kdrama is a classic. Based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, it follows the adventures of a poor but tough girl who attends a prestigious school ruled by four rich and arrogant young men. She somehow gets involved with them and experiences living the life of Riley. Two words to describe this drama: funny and sweet!

Watch it here


2. Kill me, Heal me

One phrase  to describe this one: Rolling on the floor lauhging. Kill me, Heal me relates the story of Dohyun Cha who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. With no more than 7 different personnalities which take control of his body unpredictably, his life is… complicated! If you’re looking for something mind-lightening, you definitely should give it a try!

Download it here


3. My Love From Another Star

She’s the number 1 Korean actress. He’s a discrete alien. She’s scornful and full of herself. He’s smart, peaceful but easily exasperated. They were fated to meet, but their encounter is quite unordinary. Thanks to its humorous yet touching storyline and its talented actors, this priceless comedy was showered with awards. It surely is worth watching!

Stream it here


4. The Heirs

This 20 episodes series is a modern Cinderella tale. It depicts the social differences  between the heir of a family-run multinational and a girl with a poor background. Yet, these two have an unbreakable connection and will try everything to be together. This endering TV show will  melt your heart!

Download it here


5. Descendants of the Sun

The best for the last! The latest big hit in Asia: a love story between a soldier and a doctor… It does sound cheesy… But I’ll stop you right here: there is a reason why this Kdrama has gained so much popularity. This TV show is a powerful combo of brilliant actors, sarcastic characters and a one-of-a-kind storyline. You’ll be captivated from the first episode… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You can watch it here


To know more about Kdramas unique style, check out Buzzfeed’s video with The (hilarious) Try Guys:

You can of course download all these TV series for free with our forthcoming VSO Downloader 5, already available here.

This post was brought to you by Coralie, Kdrama addict!