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A few days ago, I asked Videora if she knew what was going on at the Bárðarbunga.

Her answer was: barda-what ? I don’t know what’s happening there, because I don’t know what it is.

So Videora, Bárðarbunga is not the new hype du jour TV drama. It is a Iceland volcano  currently erupting.  You can watch it as if you were there with this pretty impressive video of the eruption, taken by a drone.

Yes Videora, you can keep the video for your own archive, using our  video downloader software.


The world’s 1st Cheerleading robots

As reported by Wall Street Journal,

Murata Manufacturing Co., a Japanese maker of parts for smartphones and other electronics, has introduced what it describes as the world’s first cheerleading robots.

The robots, which Murata showed off Thursday, balance on balls to move around and wave plastic pompons in the air. Gyro sensors inside the robots allow them to stay upright while moving. At a demonstration in Tokyo, a troupe of 10 of the robots moved around in unison to form circles, squares and heart formations, to the bouncy accompaniment of J-pop music.

Is that the solution to the recent NFL Buffalo Bills opening game without their cheerleading team ?